Recreational gold prospecting districts in Japan

There are a few gold mining claims in Japan at present. So we can gold panning and sluicing modestly, wherever. (But I do not recommend using dredge or heavy equipments.
Because there is a possibility that prohibiting to use those quipments for recreational gold prospecting by law except for mining claim.)

I introduce some districts we can enjoy gold prospecting in Japan.

1. Hokkaido district
We can watch Japanese traditional tools and techniques there. Many prospectors visit in summer season from inside and outside of Hokkaido, enjoy looking for gold and platinum group metals (mainly Iridium and osmium.)
Additionally, there are many localities of beach gold, but these get less attention now.

2. Yamanashi district
A lot of prospectors visit and they are getting many gold in late years. Gold from this district is larger than others, so "Nugget sniping" is popular technique.
There is a museum(The Yunooku Museum of Gold Mine History in Minobu-town. Many prospectors based here for prospecting.
Photo:I picked up a gold nugget(1.7g) on the bedrock after passing thorough a typhoon.(September 2007)

3.Michinoku(Touhoku) district
The earliest gold mining locality in Japan.We can't get many gold in today. But yielded gold from here is popular as brand.

There are much more prospectable districts in Japan.
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Yoshiaki HIROSE
Member of All Japan Goldpanning Association